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Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2013

As we become more and more dependent on technology in every facet of life, one area seems to be needing more and more attention; the ability to share documents across multiple devices and access them immediately. Similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, the current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 allows for document sharing across multiple computers. It also delivers real time access to those documents. The Office plugin takes it one step further, though, allowing unique access to your documents.

What Is the Microsoft Office 2013 Firefox Plugin?

Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2013

The current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 is a unique piece of software that comes standard with Office 2013. It connects with Firefox to give you access to any of your Office files directly from the browser. For example, let’s say you are browsing the web using Firefox and want to open an excel spreadsheet. You can click into the plugin right inside your browser, find the file and click open. Your spreadsheet then launches.

Essentially the plugin is cloud storage for all of your office documents, but with a twist. Your documents are accessible directly from the Firefox browser at any given moment and from any device.

How Does the Plugin Work?


This where the magic happens. Unlike Google Drive, when you launch any Office file (like a Word Doc or Excel spreadsheet) it does not remain in your browser, but opens in Microsoft Office right on your computer. If you open a Word document, Microsoft Word launches and you can edit the document in the full version of Word.

Possibly the best feature happens when you save your changes to the document. When your editing is complete and you click save, the document is saved to both your physical location (computer) as well as the cloud storage provided by the current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013. This makes updating documents clean and efficient; no confusion like may find when using Dropbox.

The Benefits of Using the Plugin

There are a couple key benefits worth noting. First, the Microsoft Office 2013 plugin allows you to edit your documents within the Microsoft Office software. You don’t need to upload or download a document to a web based application like Google Drive. Any editing you perform is always done right within Microsoft Office. It’s clean and eliminates changing from one document editor to another.

Saving documents is also extremely simple. Using software like Dropbox, saving documents can get confusing. You need to save it to your Dropbox folder, but then it doesn’t save to your computer. This issue is eliminated with the Microsoft Office Firefox plugin. When you have finished editing and save the document, it is automatically saved to your cloud storage as well as your physical computer. This eliminates having to save the document multiple times in different locations. The current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 makes saving documents very efficient.

There is also no need to worry about updating the plugin as it will be updated with along Microsoft Office 2013 updates. In addition to this, the plugin is also completely safe for your computer. It will not slow your machine down or damage it in any way.

Overall the Microsoft Office plugin is extremely efficient. It allows you to work on your documents in the 2013 Office applications themselves, not a web-based version, and makes saving them simple and efficient. As a tool for real-time document sharing and editing it’s difficult to beat. The current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 is a clean and efficient tool that will enhance your productivity.


Author: James Miller

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