Current Version Plugin RealPlayer Version Plugin

Get the Current Version Plugin RealPlayer Version Plugin

RealPlayer was once the most popular, robust way to watch your favorite videos online. The software would allow you to watch videos, make playlists and do it from your favorite Internet browser. The software was an essential part of every Internet user’s video watching experience.

The current version plugin RealPlayer version plugin is a little different.

What is RealPlayer Version Plugin?

Current Version Plugin RealPlayer Version Plugin

The original plugin has been upgraded over time to allow for advanced video formats and streaming. When installed, this plugin allows you to:

  • View videos online
  • Listen to various audio formats
  • Download videos
  • Watch online movies
  • Burn DVDs

Much of this functionality has been added in recent years. The good news is that most of the common browsers will come with the plugin installed for your convenience. In fact, Firefox and Chrome often come bundled with the RealPlayer version plugin.

But some browsers are not including the plugin anymore.

The issue is that many third-party solutions are available that offer the same functionality or better. With HTML5 being adopted by major video streaming websites, such as YouTube, RealPlayer has had to adapt and change their offering.

RealPlayer has rebranded to “RealTimes.”

A new name comes with new possibilities and a program that has drastically changed from the initial offering, RealTimes is more of a way to share your life through videos and images. The software and app offer the ability to:

  • Save videos online to RealCloud.
  • Share videos and photos across several different platforms.
  • Share live albums with friends.
  • View videos and pictures across dozens of devices via RealCloud.
  • Stream videos to your computer or television.
  • Customize your stories with enhanced graphics and filters.

Using the cloud, all of your precious moments can be converted to an easily-viewed format that works on your PC, Android or dozens of other devices.

RealTimes and the RealPlayer version plugin have changed to offer a robust video and image creation, sharing and optimization experience.

What Browsers Are Compatible with the Plugin?

The plugin is available across several platforms and browsers, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 7 and up

You’ll be able to download RealTimes in app form on several different mobile platforms from Android and iOS to Amazon’s Fire and Roku.

How to Download the Plugin

It’s fast and easy to get the current version plugin RealPlayer version plugin on your PC or device. The plugin will be installed if you install RealTimes. This is done by following these steps:

  • Go to com.
  • Click “Get App” or “Download RealPlayer for Free.”

That’s all you have to do to get your download started and to install the plugin. You’ll be prompted to install the software and the plugin once the download is complete.

It’s a simple and easy process tat takes just seconds to complete.

Keep in mind that there is a free version, a premium, and an unlimited version available. The major difference between the three is the amount of storage offered on the cloud. You’ll also be able to create longer stories and add more tracks with the higher tier packages.

Author: James Miller

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