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Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation

Browsing the web is a great way to learn different things or to help time pass by quickly. There are many different things that you can do online through your browser. You are not just limited to reading news or stories. You can watch videos or even play games.

Surfing the web is fun but can be disappointing when you are limited to the type of multimedia files that you can view or access through your browser. This limitation can be ended by installing a plug-in to your browser. As a quick background on what plug-ins are, it enables users to add certain functions or features to their browser. This means you can personalize your browser based on what you do online.

For this instance, you can ensure that you will no longer be limited to the type of multi-media that you can access and view on your browser by adding or installing the most current version of the Windows Presentation Foundation plug-in.

Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin

Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation


The Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation or simply called the WPF plug-in enables users like you, have a better browsing experience. This plug-in allows you to access and view certain types of multimedia files that you may not have been able to see before.

This plug-in wants to improve the browser user experience since it lifts the limitation you have in viewing certain types of files. Aside from helping improve your browser, this current plug-in version will also help you view animation or any type of video better. The plug-in will not just allow you to view multimedia files, it will even help enhance the quality of the video that you will be watching.

This plug-in is very much compatible with Firefox which means that you can install it to help you enjoy browsing more.

Installing the WPF Plugin

For some time Firefox has blocked installations of the WPF plug-in, but this issue has been resolved so you may now install it to your browser.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of this plug-in you should remember that it is not a virus nor is it a malware. It is a concern that you should not bother yourself with because the WPF plug-in is not dangerous for your computer.

Since the issue with Firefox has been resolved you may check your plug-ins if it has been automatically updated. If not, you may install it yourself. You first have to check if you have the .NET framework 3.5 SP1. If you don’t you must first install it before you can add the plug-in to your browser. Check a website where you can download it and install it.

After you are done installing the plug-in, make sure that you enable it so that it can perform the function that it has, which were mentioned above. You may have to restart Firefox to finish the installation process. To do so close the browser and make sure that you have closed all of the other opened browsers, not just the one you have used to install it. Re-open Firefox and check if you are encountering any errors, if you have none then you are finished installing the latest version of the WPF plug-in.

Author: James Miller

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