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Do you ever find yourself asking a technical question about your browser such as: What are plug-ins and do you really need to install one or update existing ones in your Mozilla Firefox browser?

Plug-ins give your browser the extra mileage it needs to help you have a better browsing history. Think of it this way, plug-ins are designed as software that you are adding to power-up your browser. That is why in each plug-in that you install a new functionality is added to your browser.

Each plug-in is different from the other, although there are some that may have similar benefits. With plug-ins installed on your browser you will be able to play games from a certain developer, watch videos of different formats, view animation, edit files, or even get notifications straight to your desktop.

There are a lot of free plug-ins that you can download and install to make your Firefox browser better. The choice is up to you on which one you want to add to your browser. If you love playing games the Unity Player plug-in as a must for you.

Mozilla Firefox Plug-ins 101

 Current Version Plugin Unity Player

If you are a gamer or a developer having the current Unity Web Plug-in installed in your browser is a must. This Current Version Plugin Unity Player allows you to view anything that is created by Unity. This means that you can play any of the free games that they have to offer or even create your own.

Another plus is that this plug-in allows you to view the games that you will be playing in smooth 3D images or graphics. This makes the gaming experience even better for you. Lastly, once installed the Unity plug-in will update itself when new versions are available for its users.

Perhaps the only downside about this plug-in is that for you to maximize it and play the games without any hiccups you will need a fast and reliable internet connection.

Installing the Current Unity Web Player Plug-in

If you are a gaming aficionado or an aspiring Unity game maker you must be itching to install this plug-in to your Firefox browser. Worry not, installing it is very easy and once you have it you wouldn’t need to worry about watching out for any updates, since it will automatically update itself.

Here is the step by step guide on how you can install the current Unity plug-in to your browser:


Step 1: Open your Firefox Web Browser.

Step 2: Go to the Unity website (http://unity3d.com/)

Step 3: Go to the download tab or portion of their website (http://unity3d.com/webplayer)

Step 4: Click on the Download button

Step 5: Click the downloaded file and run the program that will install the player and plug-in

Step 6: Close your browser

Step 7: Restart your computer


After installing the unity web player in your browser, you will be able to play any of the free games that they offer or even create your own game. Now you will no longer be limited to playing games with low quality graphics.

Author: James Miller

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