Shockwave for Director

What Does the Shockwave for Director Plugin Do?

Adobe’s Shockwave for Director plugin is used to display web content that was created using Adobe Director. When you need to install the plugin, you’ll need to first download the Adobe Shockwave Player that will install the plugin separately for your browser.

What Features Does Current Version Plugin Shockwave for Director Offer?

Shockwave Plugin

The Current Version Plug Shockwave for Director plugin program is used by developers to create games, videos and more. This program is not needed for you to display videos, and you don’t need any special technical knowledge to play videos created in the Shockwave format.

Instead, all you need is the accompanying plugin, and you’ll gain access to several high-end features, including:

  • Post-processing: Beautiful effects can be rendered on the screen to allow perfect visuals during view.
  • Support: The plugin allows you to view over 40 different video, audio and image formats. You’ll also be able to enjoy a wide range of clear audio solutions.
  • 264 Integration: Play full-screen videos in your browser without loss of quality. Integration also allows you to enjoy games and other multimedia applications in full-screen.
  • 3D Support: The powerful 3D support allows you to view 3D models and graphics right in your screen.
  • PhysX: NVIDIA’s physics engine is supported, allowing you to play the most realistic games right through Firefox.

Director is much different than Adobe’s Flash that users are accustomed to seeing in low-end online games and videos. With Director, there is a lot more processing needed to create stunning visuals and 3D environments. A more advanced offering than Flash, Director is a robust solution for making video, games and more for web users.

If you don’t have the Shockwave plugin installed, you won’t be able to render the content in your browser.

This is the official plugin offered directly from Adobe in their Shockwave player applications.

How to Download Shockwave for Director

Don’t have the plugin installed on Firefox? You can download the web player from CNet or other sources, or you can choose to download it directly from Adobe. You can begin your download by:

  • Testing your browser to see if the plugin is already installed.
  • Downloading the software from the Adobe website.
  • Following the installation process on the screen.

You’ll need to close your browser when the program goes to install, and the official website test will allow you to verify that you have a working version of Shockwave. Once installed, the plugin will work automatically and you won’t have to do anything besides click the “play” button on your video to see it.

Many people that don’t play games online will uninstall this plugin.

Shockwave is slowly being phased out online, but there are still 450 million people that use the plugin on their favorite browsers. There is content available that can be seen when you have the plugin installed, so you may be missing out on the web’s best content if you uninstall it.

With a very small footprint, you won’t notice a difference in browser or computer speed. Instead, you’ll notice enhanced visual and audio directly in your browser. Shockwave player is one of the most widely used and recognized plugins on the market.

Author: James Miller

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