Current Version Plugin Picasa

Photos help preserve memories of a special moment that you have with a loved one. Photos also offer people a way to see different emotions, places, and people. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why a lot of people love taking photos and sharing them as well.

Today, through the internet, it is easy to share the photos that you have taken. One such program or application that can help you with this is Picasa. Picasa is a tool or program that was developed by Google to help people easily organize and share any of their most precious and prized photos online with their friends.

Picasa is not just limited to photos, it can also help you share videos that you have taken as well. You won’t have to worry on struggling to learn how to use this web based application. It is designed to be very easy to use for everybody. Aside from helping you share your photos and videos online, you can also edit multimedia files with just a few clicks. It certainly is one of the most useful web based application.

Current Version Plugin Picasa

current version plugin picasa

If you love using Picasa or would want to try a hand at using it your first step is to install the latest version of the Picasa plug-in to your browser. This will help Picasa better integrate with your OS as well.

What the plug-in does is help replace the current default photo browser and also the default photo editor. That being said, when you double click on any image that is saved in your local it will be opened in Picasa, where you can share or edit it. This will only happen if it has been successfully integrated to your OS.

When you do edit any of your images on Picasa, you don’t need to worry about losing the original photo file that you have edited. This means that the original, untouched photo will be preserved, in any case that you will need it. Aside from this Picasa also automatically adjusts elements of the photo that you want to edit with just a click.

With the current version of the plug in you would not need to install anything for you to be able to use the Picasa Web Albums. You just need to sign-in using your Google account, after this you will gain access to all of your photos.



The most recent plug-in also has the following features, making it a must have for photo and video enthusiasts:

• Face recognition
• Geo Tagging

Installing Picasa

Once you are ready to install the plug-in of Picasa here are the requirements that you must take into consideration:

• Firefox Browser
• 256MB RAM
• Free space of 100 MB on your hard disk
• Screen resolution of 1024×728 or higher
• Microsoft Windows 7/XP/Vista Operating System

If you have all of the above mentioned system requirements you may install the Picasa plug-in. You first have to download Picasa. After you have downloaded the .exe file double click it to initiate or start the installation process. Click Finish to complete. After this is done Picasa will offer you the option of using the Picasa Photo Viewer. Installing Picasa will then trigger an automatic Firefox plug-in update.

You also have the option of installing the plug-in manually. You just have to access the Firefox Menu. From there click on the Add ons and choose plug-ins.

Author: James Miller

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