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Plugins for your Mozilla Firefox Browser

When browsing your favorite site you may encounter a message saying that you need to update your plug-in, but what exactly are plug-ins? What is it for? Do you need it?

The answer is yes, you need plug-ins installed on your Firefox browser. Simply put, plug-ins are additional software features added to your browser. Upon installation it adds certain functions to your browser.

The function varies depending on each plug-in. Some are extremely useful such as helping you play a video, game or animation or helping open certain documents. Other plug-ins on the other hand cater to specific needs of each user, like a pop-up for every time an e-mail is received.

This makes plug-ins extremely important to your day-to-day browsing activities. For starters you will not have limitations on what you can do while browsing. For those who always receive documents on their e-mails the latest update of the Microsoft Office 2010 Firefox plug-in is a must for you.


Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010 Firefox Plugin

Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010

What the most current Microsoft Office 2010 plug-in offers Firefox browser users is an easy way of accessing documents that are sent or shared to them through cloud storage or e-mail.

What happens is that upon clicking the document from Firefox, once the plug-in is installed, you will be able to check it through the Microsoft Web Apps where you can view and edit it. From the Microsoft Web Apps you even have the option to also open the file using the corresponding Microsoft Office program.

Aside from the above mentioned feature of the current version of the plug-in, it also has some other additional features:

  • Background removal
  • Features live collaboration
  • Allows side-by-side scrolling
  • Letter styling
  • New SmartArt templates
  • Ribbon interface and backstage view on apps


How To Update or Install the Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010

It is very important to keep your plug-ins updated or to always be on the look-out for the latest ones that you can add to your browser. Updating your plug-ins helps make the performance of your ones better and also helps secure your safety, because taking time to update your plug-ins will help protect you from any malware, viruses or any other type of security threat.

If you want to maximize Microsoft Office 2010 you have installed in your device or you liked the features mentioned above about the current plug-in version, you should download and install it to your Firefox browser.

Listed below are the ways that you can update the plug-in or install it on your browser:

  1. Click on your start menu and go to the control panel. From the opened control panel check out the Windows update version. Ensure that you will select all of the programs under Windows to be able to update the plug-in on your browser. Wait for the plug-in to be updated.
  2. Look for a reliable online source or check out the Firefox Plug-ins site to find a download link for the Microsoft 2010 Plugin. Click the download option and install it to your browser. After this close the browser and restart it.


Author: James Miller

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