iTunes Application Detector

Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector

One of the most functional and most used application developed by Apple is iTunes. This application provides its users is a way to organize their media files on their PC. Aside from this it also allows users to listen to music, audiobooks, and/or podcasts, watch TV shows or movies, and browse or purchase applications, music, or video for their iOS powered gadget.

Initially the iTunes application was only available for Apple gadgets but it was then eventually released for Windows. This enabled the application to reach more users. With the iTunes application, users were also given a way to organize files in their Apple or iOS powered gadgets. Users were also able to synchronize the files available on their iPod, iPhone, or iPad with their PC.

Aside from helping organize media files on your PC as well as iOS gadgets. The iTunes app also allows users to listen to radio stations who stream online for free with the iTunes Radio.

Clearly, the iTunes app is a valuable addition to anybody’s PC to help improve their media consumption, may it be through listening to music, radio, or watching videos.

The Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector for Firefox

Current Version Plugin iTunes Application Detector

If you want to know if your PC or laptop has iTunes, you can check it through the current iTunes Application Detector plug-in. This is a plug-in that can be easily installed to your Firefox browser.

Aside from helping you check if you have iTunes installed in your PC or laptop, this plug-in also helps your browser have easier connection or interaction with the application. This means that when you are browsing or checking the Apple store through your browser it can easily interact with the installed iTunes app.

This plug-in will also help you check the web page of the app you saw on the iTunes store easily. If you wish to download and install the app you can do so from your browser.

With the plug-in you will also be able to detect the ping feature of iTunes. The ping feature, once detected through the plug-in, will enable you to follow friends and artists. Aside from this it will also help you discover more about the music that your friends are either listening or downloading.

If you want to stop the auto launch of iTunes once you open your PC, you can do so as well through this plug-in. You will just have to follow these steps:

  • Open your Firefox browser
  • Select the Tools button
  • Navigate to the Options tab
  • Select Applications
  • Look for iTunes
  • On the Actions Category choose the “Always Ask” option



How to Install the iTunes Application Detector to Your Browser

If you want to get access to the iTunes Application Detector plug-in, you can do so by installing iTunes to your PC or laptop. The plug-in is automatically added or installed to your browser after you have installed iTunes. Just make sure that after you install iTunes to your PC or laptop, you restart to be able to successfully finish the installation process.

Another way to install this plug-in is by downloading it from a reliable source and installing it to your browser. After doing this restart your browser and check if it has been successfully added.


Author: James Miller

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  1. I would like to get tunes

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  2. I use Apple radio

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  6. I appreciate iTunes being offered as a service that I may use from Apple. It is set up well so that I can organize my music and other downloads that I do. Thank You Apple for offering it to me as a free service to use.

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