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If you are working then you probably get a lot of e-mails every day. In most if not all of the e-mails that you receive there are attached documents. These documents are very important and you end up spending time to download each file just to read it and even edit it if needed.

The time you have spent on downloading each file just to view it is time wasted. You may even experience your document reader crash on you especially if you are viewing PDF files. There are a lot of reported instances wherein the user’s current default reader crashes while trying to open a file. Others have to download a separate application just to be able to edit their file or search for converters online.

With a plug-in that you can install to your Mozilla Firefox browser, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the many hassles that you experienced before. Plug-ins enable your browser to perform other tasks. It makes your plug-in work better based on what your needs are. There is a plug-in that you can install to solve all of your PDF related problems, that is the current version of the Foxit Reader plug-in.

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The Current Version Plugin Foxit Reader for Mozilla for Firefox Browser

The Foxit Reader Plugin for Firefox is one of the most useful add-ons that you can install to your browser. With this plug-in you will have ease of access to PDF documents sent to you.

When you install the plug-in you are actually adding a free and simple version of the Foxit Reader to your browser. Once you have installed it you will be able to view, read, edit and/or print a PDF document on your browser. This removes the hassle of having to download files before using a program installed on your computer to manipulate any PDF document you receive. After viewing the PDF on your browser you will also be given the option to save it if you want to.



Aside from the functions mentioned above it has other features which makes it a very attractive plug-in for every user of the Firefox browser.

It has an integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This means that from the reader you can share the PDF to your friends or followers. It has an option that allows you to also view PDF files from your Microsoft Outlook e-mail.

Installing the Foxit Reader Plug-in

Installing the plug-in is very easy to accomplish. You will just need to download the Foxit Reader program and install it to your computer. Upon installing the program, you will be given the option to either install the Foxit Reader Plug-in or not. Choose the option that allows you to install the plug-in. After the process, restart your computer so you can use the program and the plug-in.

If you already have the Foxit Reader installed on your PC and you were not able to install the plug-in, you can still do so. Just go to the website of Foxit and search for the download option. From there click download and install it to your browser. Restart your Firefox browser after to be able to use the plug-in.

Author: James Miller

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