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The Hulu Desktop app enables you to stream content directly to your personal computer. Use it with Windows Media Center remote controls and easily access the huge Hulu database…with only six buttons. In case you do not have a remote, fret not. You can navigate with mouse and keyboard. Hulu can be downloaded for both Mac and PC. Hulu offers you the convenience of controlling program playback and scheduling viewing times. A paused video will continue to load, and you can watch it later at your convenience. If your PC is a part of your home theater, then Hulu is worth downloading.

hulu desktop

The most popular version of this app is 0.9.14. You can easily schedule the app launch via the Windows Task Scheduler. The software is a light one, around 2.26 MB. Hulu is popular in North America and England. The interface is an intuitive one and the Help section ensures that you’ll have no difficulties in using this plugin. Movies, TV programs, and network programming – all of these are a button’s push away.

Hulu for desktop is fast, and the video quality is excellent. A lot of the programming is in HD and content on the desktop is displayed with greater clarity than via cable TV. Snapshots of the show appear on the screen and you can use these to choose the one you wish to view. You can also choose between high definition and low definition content; if your internet connection is on the slower side, you can select low resolution content to be streamed to your computer.

Google Chrome Hulu Desktop Plugin
npHDPlg.dll is loaded in the Google Chrome web browser as ‘nphdplg.dll’.

Mozilla Hulu Desktop Plugin

npHDPlg.dll is loaded into Mozilla Firefox under the product name ‘Hulu Desktop’ with a plugin key of ‘ Desktop’.

Great choice in content, affordable entertainment, an app that does not take a lot of space, and buffering are some of the sterling features of Hulu Desktop.

Author: Robert Smith

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